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(You may also donate to ISKCON JUHU through Normal Money Transfer Methods, like Banks Transfers, Cheques, Pay Orders, Demand Drafts & Electronic Transfers, with your complete Details.) Click Here To Know more about various ways of donating to - ISKCON JUHU.
Alternatively you can contact us at [email protected]
You can either donate from the standard amounts mentioned below.

Alternately if you wish to donate any other amount you may do so by selecting "Others" box and enter the amount in the box besides it. Please specify the service or purpose you are donating for.
Please note that the minimum amount for Total Combined donation is Indian Rs. 501=00.
Also the minimum amount for any one type of service is Rs. 101=00.

(This is done becaue of Administrative Charges, Bank charges and Credit Charges etc. applied to online transactions.
Your are welcome to donate any amount through normal methods of donation or personally at the temple.
All donations big or small are needed and welcome.

Please forgive us for the above inconvinience. )
You can either donate from the standard donations for any services or for all the services as under :-
The amount that you wish to donate, please enter in the box mentioned in the amount column. You can also donate any other amount, other than the standard donation mentioned above.

Yes I wish to donate for the following services .
Please accept my donation as follows:
Services Name
Guesthouse Room Booking

For exchange rate conversion of any other
currencies to Rupee rate please click here
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Please fill in the fields marked ' * ' . These are mandatory fields if you want us to send you a Donation receipt.
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Donation Receipt Shall be sent to you.

(We do not accept Anonymous Donation, hence we request you to fill in all your details, so that a receipt can be sent to you. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you.)

Please Note we have recorded your IP address : -, this is to prevent anyone from making a frivolous Transaction.
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Please Note :-
You Can Now donate through our Online Donation Facility for Payments through Credit Cards.
Select the above for Online Donation. All transactions are through Secured Servers, with additional security of your card details being entered directly on the Banks' server. Hence Total Secured Transaction.
You can also send in your donations through Cheques / Money Order / Pay Order / Cash.
Cheques / Money Order / Pay Order should be made in the Name of "ISKCON" - and should be payable at Mumbai - India.
For any other queries, or Information on ISKCON please write in to us at Mumbai address or email us. Click Here For the Postal / Email address.
# The Life Patron Membership with Srimad Bhagavatam Set is Rs 25,555=00 to that we have added 3.5% Credit Card Fees, + 10.30% Service Tax on Credit Card Fees. Hence total Additional Charges rounded of to Rs 990=00, taking the membership charges total to Rs 26,545=00.
Acceptance of Life Patron Membership application is at the sole discretion of Temple management. Incase an applicant does not meet the required criteria, or the temple management feels its not aapropriate to grant the Life Patron Membership, the management reserves the right to reject the application, without assigning any reasons thereof,, with full money being refunded to the applicant.
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